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We chose a moebius strip to symbolize sustainability because it conveys a sense of continuity and wholeness in a complex, but elemental form. It is a paradoxical form that is difficult to comprehend.

For a system to be sustained it must demonstrate continuity and wholeness. In this sense we might have selected a ring which commonly symbolizes such attributes, but sustainable systems are complex ones that a simple ring fails to emulate. A moebius strip has dimension and complexity that surpasses a ring while simultaneously being a more elemental form. While a ring has two sides and edges, a moebius strip has but one side and one edge.

This paradox of a complex shape derived from just two elements is as difficult to comprehend as sustainability superficially easy to define, but devilishly difficult to institute. Perhaps when the moebius strip is as readily recognized as a symbol for a sustainable system, there will be broad public awareness and acceptance of the necessity of sustainable systems.

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