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The following projects are underway at this time, but could use volunteers to assist in their completion. Please contact us if you would like to work on any of them.

Moebi Awards – Annual public award to someone for making an outstanding contribution to the cause of sustainability. John Krist, writer for the Ventura Star.

County Open Space District Committee – Jerry Beckerman and Ron Bottorff of the Council participate with a select number of other organizations in the design of a possible special district that would secure open space lands in Ventura County. (Spring 2002 and on-going)

Green Habitat for Humanity House – Kent Bullard of the Council is working with the Habitat on their Green Team to change the construction practices of Habitat to provide residences with homes that are healthy to live in and economical to operate while reducing their impact on natural resources. He also wrote Green Building Guidelines for Habitat as a roadmap for the process. For more information on this project see the Habitat Project. (on-going)

Sustainable Management Systems for Business – Todd Collart of the Council is working with BMW Designworks USA and VCEDA (Ventura County Economic Development Association) to promote a transfer of the “SMS” approach used by BMW to other businesses in the County. (Summer 2002 and on-going)

Biodiesel Fueling Stations – Kent Bullard of the Council is coordinating with Ted Brown (fueling depot owner) in the opening of stations in Santa Barbara and Ventura and with the US Navy in a demonstration biodiesel production facility at Port Hueneme. (Summer 2002 and on-going)

Report Back on World Sustainable Development Summit – Todd Collart is coordinating with various groups to sponsor a public discussion on the Summit at which a panel of people from the County who attended the Summit would report on their experiences. (Fall 2002).

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