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Thank you for your generosity

The Sustainability Council is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring about a sustainable world by promoting an equitable society, a sound economy and a healthy environment. Your valued annual contribution funds the basic needs of the organization: telephone, P.O. Box, stationary, postage, website; and our on-going programs.

We invite you to join the Council and become an active participant in promoting a sustainable future. Check out our website regularly to learn more about the Council and the programs it is working on. While your membership helps fund the work of the Council, you are encouraged to actively assist on a project or initiate one yourself.

Your contribution to this 501c3 non-profit organization is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

This form can be printed by your printer.

$15 - Student or Senior
$100 - Sponsor
$30 – Friend
$250 – Benefactor
$50 – Supporter
$500 – Sustainer

Those contributing at the “Sustainer” level are entitled to space on the Council’s website banner. Please reference you interest in banner space in your membership submittal.

For those wishing to post their membership by US Mail, please complete the form below and mail your contribution to the Council at the address listed.


Name(s)_______________________________________ Phone/FAX ________________________

Address ___________________________________________ e-mail ________________________

City ___________________________________ State ___________ Zip ______________________

Enclosed is $_______ for my annual membership in the Sustainability Council of Ventura County as a:
___Student, ___Senior, ___Friend, ___Sponsor, ___Supporter, ___Benefactor, ___Sustainer

Memberships are payable to: The Sustainability Council of Ventura County
P. O. Box 7817 Ventura, CA 93006-7817

NOTE: Your phone no. street and e-mail addresses will not be shared with others, but we will send you notices of relevant events and programs offered by other organizations. We hope to communicate by e-mail or FAX if at all possible and avoid traditional mailings. Therefore providing us with these numbers will allow us to communicate with you in a more sustainable manner. Contact us by e-mail for membership.

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