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The Advisory Board is composed of former Board members and other individuals who are actively promoting or knowledgeable about sustainability issues in various fields. These are individuals who we call upon for advice and periodic assistance. If you would like to be a member of the Advisory Board, please contact us. We are especially interested in having Advisory Board members from various areas of the County who represent the three sectors that the Council includes in its concept of a sustainable future - an equitable society, a sound economy and a healthy environment.

Ron Bortoff Director Friends of the Santa Clara River as well as the California Institute for Ecological Health based in Davis. Ron is an engineer by training and is retired and living in Newbury Park.

Jerry Beckerman Business consultant and owner of his own marketing and polling firm who lives in Ventura.

Dr. Robert Chianese - Professor of English at California State University at Northridge and a Ventura resident. He is a recipient of a Mitchell Prize for his work in the area of sustainability.

Scott Ellinwood An award-winning architect specializing in energy and light efficient buildings throughout the western United States. Scott lives in Carpinteria, but has his office in Ventura.

Steve Kinney Director of a non-profit economic development corporation in Oxnard who has championed sustainable development practices in harmony with the local environment.

Paul Mattson Biology professor serving at the college and university level living in Oxnard.

Gail Pringle Environmental coordinator for US Navy and resident of Oxnard. She organized the first sustainability conferences in the County and serves on the Board of Directors of the Callegueas Water District.

Dave Sargent Architect and principal with the urban design firm, Civitas which is a local leader in residential and commercial development projects that are restoring civility and vitality to urban centers. He lives in Ventura.

Debra West Middle school teacher and champion of environmental curricula, lives in Camarillo.

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